Tracking Domain

Business / Internet Marketing / Tracking Domain: A domain specifically created to measure traffic delivered to a website.

Other Words for Domain

Domain Noun Synonyms: realm, dominion, territory, property, land(s), province, kingdom, empire

Selectable Direction Tracking

Technology / Radar / Selectable Direction Tracking: This mode of radar operation allows the operator to monitor targets that are only going toward the patrol vehicle, away from it, or in both directions. Example: decatur gvp-d police radar gun w/ k-ban MORE

Statistical Tracking Error

Business / Finance / Statistical Tracking Error: Theory that the firm's capital structure is determined by a trade-off of the value of tax shields against the costs of bankruptcy. MORE

Same Direction Tracking

Technology / Radar / Same Direction Tracking: Tracking vehicles from behind or in front of the patrol vehicle going the same direction while the patrol vehicle is moving. All decatur police moving radars and decatur polie radar guns offer same di MORE

Public Domain

Technology / Television (TV) / Public Domain: Material (e.g., a piece of music) that is not copyrighted, which may be used in TV programs without paying a fee or royalty. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Multi-Tracking: The process of recording a multi-part performance on separate tracks at different times which allows the engineer to subsequently combine, balance and process those tracks during mixdown. MORE


Health / Fitness / Tracking: An adjustment or design consideration that is intended to keep the belt centered on the treadmill. Some manufacturers use belt 'keepers' or metal rods on the underside of the frame to keep the belt ce MORE