Business / Internet Marketing / Traffic: Generally measured by the amount of visitors to a website. Hitwise Search Marketing measures search generated traffic separately by recording referrals from known search engines and directories.

Other Words for Traffic

Traffic Noun Synonyms: movement, conveyance, shipping, transport, freight, transportation
Traffic Adjective Synonyms: See trade, 5, above

Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC)

Technology / Aviation / Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC): A facility established to provide air traffic control service to aircraft operating on IFR flight plans within controlled airspace and principally during the en route phase of flight. When equipment c MORE

En Route Air Traffic Control Services

Technology / Aviation / En Route Air Traffic Control Services: Air traffic control services provided aircraft on IFR flight plans, generally by centers, when these aircraft are operating between departure and destination terminal areas. When equipment, capabiliti MORE

Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Technology / Aviation / Air Traffic Control (ATC): A service operated by the appropriate authority to promote the safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of air traffic. MORE

Web Site Traffic

Business / Internet Marketing / Web Site Traffic: The amount of visitors and vists a Web site receives. MORE

Incentivized Traffic

Business / Internet Marketing / Incentivized Traffic: Visitors who have received some form of compensation for visiting a site. MORE

Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT)

Technology / Aviation / Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT): A terminal facility that uses air/ground communications, visual signaling, and other devices to provide ATC services to aircraft operating in the vicinity of an airport or on the movement area. Author MORE