Vertical Banner

Business / Internet Marketing / Vertical Banner: A banner ad measuring 120 pixels wide and 240 pixels tall.

Other Words for Banner

Banner Adjective Synonyms: leading, foremost, momentous, memorable, notable, important, noteworthy
Banner Noun Synonyms: standard, flag, pennant, ensign, burgee, gonfalon, pennon, streamer, banderole, symbol

Vertical Organization

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Vertical Organization: An organizational structure consisting of many layers of management or other positions of authority. MORE

Vertical P Base Motor

Technology / Motors / Vertical P Base Motor: A vertical motor with a special mounting face conforming to NEMA's 'P' design and with a ring groove on the shaft. MORE

Vertical Roll

Entertainment / Golf / Vertical Roll: 1. (also simply 'roll') the curve of the face of a wood or metal wood (from top to bottom) MORE

Vertical Search

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Vertical Search: A search service which is focused on a particular field, a particular type of information, or a particular information format. For example, would be a B2B vertical search engine, and YouT MORE

Vertical Motor

Technology / Motors / Vertical Motor: A motor being mounted vertically (shaft up or down) as in many pump applications. MORE

Vertical Merger

Business / Finance / Vertical Merger: A form of technical charting that shows the high, low, and closing prices of a stock or a market on each day on one vertical line with the closing price indicated by a short horizontal mark. MORE