World Wide Web

Business / Internet Marketing / World Wide Web: The web allows computer users to access information across systems around the world using urls to identify files and systems and hypertext links to move between files on the same or different systems. The web is a client/server information system that supports the retrieval of data in the form of text, graphics and multimedia in a uniform HTML format. Allowing hypertext links and interactivity on an unprecedented level, its introduction transformed a sleepy, academic communications system into a powerful marketing tool linking businesses and customers around the world.

Other Words for Web

Web Noun Synonyms: spider's web, cobweb, net, network, entanglement, snare, trap

Other Words for Wide

Wide Adjective Synonyms: spacious, roomy, ample, extensive, broad

Other Words for World

World Noun Synonyms: earth, planet, sphere, globe, Terra, universe, cosmos, existence, creation, life

Web Browser

Business / Internet Marketing / Web Browser: A software application that allows for the browsing of the World Wide Web. MORE

Web Site

Business / Internet Marketing / Web Site: The virtual location for an organization's presence on the World Wide Web, usually making up several web pages and a single home page designated by a unique URL. MORE

Wide Opening

Business / Finance / Wide Opening: Come from when issued. Treasury bills trade on a WI basis between the day they are auctioned and the day settlement is made. Bills traded before they are auctioned are said to be traded Wi wi. MORE