Business / Internet Marketing / navigation : That which facilitates movement from one Web page to another Web page.

Other Words for Navigation

Navigation Verb Synonyms: pilotage, helmsmanship, seamanship, steersmanship, steering, sailing


Business / Internet Marketing / Alexa: Founded in April 1996, Alexa Internet grew out of a vision of Web navigation that is intelligent and constantly improving with the participation of its users. Along the way Alexa has developed an inst MORE

Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)

Technology / Aviation / Distance Measuring Equipment (DME): A radio navigation device that determines an aircraft's distance from a given ground station, as well as its groundspeed and time to/from the station. MORE

Contact Flight

Technology / Aviation / Contact Flight: Navigation in which altitude and flight path can be maintained by visual reference to the ground and its landmarks. Similar to VFR. MORE

Gaging Station

Science / Geology / Gaging Station: A facility on a stream, lake, canal, reservoir or other water body where instruments are installed to automatically monitor the water. Measurments such as stage, discharge, water temperature and pH ar MORE

Site Map

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Site Map: Page which can be used to help give search engines a secondary route to navigate through your site. Tips: On large websites the on page navigation should help search engines find all applicable web pa MORE

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Technology / Computers / Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): Stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This is a language designed to work with HTML documents on the Web. CSS is generally used to provide a specific appearance or style to a web page or site. A common u MORE