Business / Loan / Amortize: Payoff off a debt in installments which includes both principal and interest.

Fully Amortized

Business / Real Estate / Fully Amortized: Fully amortized mortgages are paid in equal monthly installments, which include interest and amortization of principal, paid over a period of years. The interest is set at a predetermined rate and is MORE

Unamortized Premiums On Investments

Business / Finance / Unamortized Premiums On Investments: Par value of a bond less the proceeds received from the sale of the bond, less whatever portion has been amortized. MORE

Certificates Of Amortized Revolving Debt (CARD)

Business / Finance / Certificates Of Amortized Revolving Debt (CARD): Municipal bonds with one certificate which is valid for the entire issue, and having no individual certificates, easing transactions. See: Book-entry securities. MORE

Unamortized Bond Discount

Business / Finance / Unamortized Bond Discount: A liability insurance policy that provides protection against damages not covered by standard liability policies, such as large jury awards in lawsuits. MORE


Technology / Programming / Requirement: A requirement is part of a concept that describes the behavior of an abstraction. Requirements tend to be syntactic (e.g., all input iterators have a dereference operation), semantic (e.g., one can tr MORE

Straight Note

Business / Real Estate / Straight Note: A promissory note evidencing a loan in which payments of interest only are made periodically during the term of the note, with the principal payment due in one lump sum upon maturity. A straight note MORE