Annual Fee

Business / Loan / Annual Fee: The amount charged by the lender each year to cover the administrative costs of the loan.

Other Words for Fee

Fee Noun Synonyms: pay, payment, emolument, compensation, recompense, honorarium, remuneration, rate, wage(s), stipend, salary
Fee Verb Synonyms: charge, price, cost, fare, bill, tariff, toll, damage(s)

Mature Coffee

Life Style / Coffee / Mature Coffee: Coffee held in warehouses for two to three years. Mature coffee has been held longer than old crop coffee, but not as long as aged or vintage coffee. MORE

Management Fee

Business / Finance / Management Fee: An investment advisory fee charged by the financial adviser to a fund typically on the basis of the fund's average assets, but sometimes determined on a sliding scale that declines as the dollar amoun MORE

Middle Eastern Coffee

Life Style / Coffee / Middle Eastern Coffee: Coffee ground to a powder, sweetened (usually), brought to a boil, and served grounds and all. MORE

Milk-Feed Price Ratio

Business / Agriculture / Milk-Feed Price Ratio: A measure of the value of 16% protein ration (feed) to one pound of whole milk. As with the hog-corn ratio, this relationship is an indicator of the profitability of milk production. MORE

Monsooned Coffee

Life Style / Coffee / Monsooned Coffee: Dry-processed single-origin coffee from south India deliberately exposed to monsoon winds in open warehouses, with the aim of increasing body and reducing acidity. MORE

Maintenance Fee

Business / Finance / Maintenance Fee: A yearly charge to maintain brokerage accounts, such as asset management accounts or IRAs. MORE