Commercial Term Loans

Business / Loan / Commercial Term Loans: Loans made to businesses that can be either secured and unsecured. Usually made to mid-size and large businesses.

Other Words for Term

Term Adjective Synonyms: sitting, stint, session, course, incumbency, administration
Term Noun Synonyms: name, title, designation, appellation, word, expression, locution, phrase

Self-Help Land Development Loans

Business / Agriculture / Self-Help Land Development Loans: Section 523 loans are for acquiring and developing land that will be used for mutual self-help housing. MORE

Section 524 Loans

Business / Agriculture / Section 524 Loans: Land acquisition and development loans authorized under Section 524 of the Housing Act of 1949. Nonprofit organizations and Indian tribes may obtain loans from the Rural Housing Service to purchase an MORE

Sex Determination

Science / Genetics / Sex Determination: The mechanism in a given species by which sex is determined: in many species sex is determined at fertilization by the nature of the sperm that fertilizes the egg. MORE

Short Term Debt

Business / Loan / Short Term Debt: Financing used to secure cash for accounts payable and inventory. MORE

Short Term Export Credit Guarantee Program (GSM-102)

Business / Agriculture / Short Term Export Credit Guarantee Program (GSM-102): One of CCC’s export credit guarantee programs. See GSM-102. MORE

Section 523 Loans

Business / Agriculture / Section 523 Loans: A mutual self-help rural housing program authorized under Section 523 of the Housing Act of 1949 and administered by the Rural Housing Service. Nonprofit organizations may obtain 2-year loans to purch MORE