Business / Loan / Delinquent: In a monetary context, something that has been made payable and is overdue and unpaid,

Other Words for Delinquent

Delinquent Noun Synonyms: neglectful, negligent, derelict, remiss, failing, defaulting
Delinquent Adjective Synonyms: malefactor, (young or youthful) offender, wrongdoer, lawbreaker, culprit, criminal, miscreant, hooligan, ruffian, roughneck

Strict Foreclosure

Business / Real Estate / Strict Foreclosure: In a strict foreclosure procedure, after a delinquent borrower has been notified and the proper papers have been filed, the court designates a specific period during which the balance of the default m MORE

Irs Tax Lien

Business / Real Estate / Irs Tax Lien: A federal tax lien, or Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax lien, results from a persons failure to pay any portion of federal taxes, such as income and withholding taxes. A federal tax lien is a genera MORE

Tax Sale

Business / Real Estate / Tax Sale: A court-ordered sale of real property to raise money to cover delinquent taxes. MORE


Business / Accounting / Arrears: Bills which should have been paid. For example, if you have forgotten to pay your last 3 months rent, then you are said to be 3 months in arrears on your rent. MORE

Write Off

Business / Loan / Write Off: When an investment, such as a loan, becomes seriously delinquent or in default and is determined to be uncollectible, the lender may choose to charge the outstanding investment amount as an expense or MORE


Business / Loan / Restructure: A revision of a financial agreement that alters the conditions or covenants of the original agreement. For example, parties may agree to restructure a loan agreement, easing the payment schedule, when MORE