Business / Loan / Fees: This is money you pay or is charged to you up front to get a mortgage loan. You may pay fees in cash or finance them (or a portion of them) as part of the loan. If you finance fees, your loan balance will be higher and your equity will be lower. The fees appear on the Good Faith Estimate and HUD-1 Settlement Statement. Many of these fees are negotiable or can be reduced if you shop around.

Commercial Coffees

Life Style / Coffee / Commercial Coffees: Packaged pre-ground (pre-brewed in the case of instant or soluble) coffees sold by brand name. MORE

User Fees

Business / Agriculture / User Fees: Any of various charges and assessments levied on a specifically delineated group that is directly subject to a particular government service, program, or activity: such fees are not levied on the gene MORE

Slotting Fees

Business / Agriculture / Slotting Fees: Paid by manufacturers to purchase shelf space in retail stores: such fees are a controversial issue in the food sector. Critics regard slotting fees as unearned store discounts (or even 'kickbacks' to MORE