Business / Loan / Hud: The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Hud Special Information Booklet

Business / Loan / Hud Special Information Booklet: This is a booklet published by HUD that describes important terms and provides information about the home buying and mortgage loan process. MORE

Hud-1 Settlement Statement

Business / Real Estate / Hud-1 Settlement Statement: At closing, in conformance with Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) regulations, a HUD-1 settlement statement is prepared showing the exact closing costs to buyer and seller. MORE

Hudibrastic Poetry

Life Style / Poetry / Hudibrastic Poetry: Iambic tetrameter couplets like those in samuel butler's hudibras. MORE

Hudson Bay Low

Science / Weather / Hudson Bay Low: An area of low pressure over or near the Hudson Bay area of Canada that often introduces cold air to the north central and northeast United States. MORE

No-Huddle Offense

Entertainment / Football / No-Huddle Offense: A tactic wherein the offense quickly forms near the line of scrimmage without huddling before the next play. MORE


Business / Loan / Hud-1: Also called a 'Settlement Statement' of all costs and fees in your closing. MORE