Hud Special Information Booklet

Business / Loan / Hud Special Information Booklet: This is a booklet published by HUD that describes important terms and provides information about the home buying and mortgage loan process.

Other Words for Information

Information Adjective Synonyms: knowledge, data, facts, intelligence, message, word, advice, news, tidings, report, communication, info, low-down, dirt, dope, gen, bumf, poop

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Special Noun Synonyms: significant, important, momentous, earth-shaking, memorable, red-letter, gala, festive, celebratory
Special Verb Synonyms: particular, specific, exceptional, uncommon, especial, rare, unusual, out of the ordinary, extraordinary, different, unorthodox, unconventional, unique, precise, individual, singular, distinctive, specialized, certain, remarkable, inimitable, idiosyncrati
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Special Milk Program

Business / Agriculture / Special Milk Program: Offers federal reimbursements for each half-pint of milk served to a child in a participating outlet, which generally is any school or facility caring for children that does not participate in other f MORE

Special Needs Children

Life Style / Adoption / Special Needs Children: Children whose emotional or physical disorders, age, race, membership in a sibling group, a history of abuse or other factors contribute to a lengthy stay in foster care. Guidelines for classifying a MORE

Special Limitation

Business / Real Estate / Special Limitation: A fee simple estate may also be qualified by a special limitation. The estate ends automatically upon the current owners failure to comply with the limitation. The former owner retains a possibility o MORE

Special Journal

Business / Accounting / Special Journal: A book of original entry for recording similar transactions that occur frequently. MORE

Special Fare

Life Style / Travel / Special Fare: Any fare that deviates from normal pricing (typically discounted). MORE

Special Interest Tour

Life Style / Travel / Special Interest Tour: A tour designed to appeal to clients with curiosity or concern about a specific subject. Most such tours provide an expert tour leader and usually visit places or events of special interest to the par MORE