Institutional Lender

Business / Loan / Institutional Lender: A lender which makes a substantial number of real estate loans, such as banks, savings and loan associations, and insurance companies.

Lenders Escrow Instructions

Business / Real Estate / Lenders Escrow Instructions: A lenders written instructions to the escrow company stating the conditions which must be met before the deed of trust can be recorded. MORE

Lender Paid Compensation To Broker

Business / Loan / Lender Paid Compensation To Broker: This is also called the Yield Spread Premium. Fee which the lender pays to the mortgage broker for obtaining the loan for his client. MORE

Lender Of Last Resort

Business / Finance / Lender Of Last Resort: Traditionally the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S., which assists banks that face large withdrawals of funds and in so doing stabilizes the banking system. MORE

Multi-Lender Environment

Business / Loan / Multi-Lender Environment: Numerous lending institution sharing the same site and information to provide instant financing to small businesses. MORE

Multi-Lender Rule Loans

Business / Real Estate / Multi-Lender Rule Loans: Loans involving 10 or fewer investors regulated by the Corporation Commissioner. MORE

Subprime Lenders

Business / Real Estate / Subprime Lenders: Lenders who specialize in B, C, or D catagory paper. MORE