Notice Of Right To Cancel

Business / Loan / Notice Of Right To Cancel: Under federal law, you may be permitted to cancel or 'rescind' a mortgage loan within a specified time, generally three days, after you have signed loan documents in a refinance, second mortgage or other mortgage loans which do not involve the purchase of a home. . The lender is required to give the borrower notice in writing of this right to cancel or rescind and the deadline to cancel. (read full details in The Complete Guide to Your Real Estate Closing.)

Other Words for Cancel

Cancel Noun Synonyms: prattle, prate, patter, gossip, cackle, jabbering, chattering
Cancel Verb Synonyms: void, annul, invalidate, nullify, quash, revoke, rescind, redeem, repeal, abolish, retract, withdraw, recall, repudiate, abrogate, countermand, deny

Other Words for Notice

Notice Verb Synonyms: attention, awareness, consciousness, perception, observation, cognizance
Notice Noun Synonyms: note, take or make note (of), take notice (of), pay or give attention to, attend (to), heed, take heed (of), give heed to, mark, remark, mind, observe, perceive, see

Other Words for Right

Right Adjective Synonyms: rightist, right-wing, conservative, reactionary, Tory
Right Noun Synonyms: sound, sane, normal, rational, lucid, healthy
Right Verb Synonyms: just, moral, good, proper, correct, legal, lawful, licit, honest, upright, righteous, virtuous, ethical, fair, true, honourable, right-minded, principled, open, above-board
Right Adverb Synonyms: well, satisfactorily, advantageously, profitably, favourably, opportunely

Prices (Of Equity)

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Price-To-Sales Ratio

Business / Taxes / Price-To-Sales Ratio: A price-to-sales ratio, or a stock's market price per share divided by the revenue generated by sales of the company's products and services per share, may sometimes identify companies that are underv MORE

Prieto Picudo

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