Business / Loan / Restructure: A revision of a financial agreement that alters the conditions or covenants of the original agreement. For example, parties may agree to restructure a loan agreement, easing the payment schedule, when a borrower is delinquent or otherwise faces default on a loan.


Business / Finance / Reorganization: Creation of a plan to restructure a debtor's business and restore its financial health. MORE


Business / Accounting / Bankruptcy: Situation where a person files with the court to be released from debts. May entail sale of the debtor’s property and/or a court-approved plan for repayment of debts. MORE

Memory Consolidation

Science / Psychiatry / Memory Consolidation: The physical and psychological changes that take place as the brain organizes and restructures information that may become a permanent part of memory. MORE

Private Equity

Business / Taxes / Private Equity: Private equity is an umbrella term for large amounts of money raised directly from accredited individuals and institutions and pooled in a fund that invests in a range of business ventures. The attrac MORE

Extension Date

Business / Finance / Extension Date: Voluntary arrangements to restructure a firm's debt, under which the payment date is postponed. MORE

Compound Growth Rate

Business / Finance / Compound Growth Rate: Voluntary arrangement to restructure a firm's debt, under which payment is reduced. MORE