Sub Prime Loans

Business / Loan / Sub Prime Loans: These loans are priced higher than prime loans, often much higher. Loans to borrowers whose credit is less than perfect will almost always be subprime loans. There are also other circumstances that lead to subprime loans, including high outstanding debt, unproven income, etc. Even borrowers with good credit may receive subprime loans for a variety of reason, including fraud, discrimination, failure to shop around, etc.


Entertainment / Literature / Subplot: A minor or subordinate secondary plot, often involving a deuteragonist's struggles, which takes place simultaneously with a larger plot, usually involving the protagonist. The subplot often echoes or MORE

Subperiosteal Implant

Health / Dentistry / Subperiosteal Implant: A framework specifically fabricated to fit the supporting areas of the mandible or maxilla with permucosal extensions for support and attachment of a prosthesis. The framework consists of: permucosal MORE


Science / Weather / Subpolar: The region bordering the polar region, between 50° and 70° North and South latitude. This is generally an area of semi-permanent low pressure that exists and where the Aleutian and Icelandic Lows ma MORE