Term Loan

Business / Loan / Term Loan: A loan for a specific amount of money. It has either have a fixed or variable interest rate, matures in between one and ten years and has a set repayment schedule.

Other Words for Loan

Loan Verb Synonyms: advance, allowance, credit, accommodation

Other Words for Term

Term Adjective Synonyms: sitting, stint, session, course, incumbency, administration
Term Noun Synonyms: name, title, designation, appellation, word, expression, locution, phrase

Inventory Loan

Business / Finance / Inventory Loan: A secured short-term loan to purchase inventory. The three basic forms are a blanket inventory lien, a trust receipt, and field warehousing financing. MORE

Bullet Loan

Business / Finance / Bullet Loan: A bank term loan that calls for no amortization. MORE

Bridge Loan

Business / Loan / Bridge Loan: Short-term loan to provide temporary financing until more permanent financing is available. MORE

Long Term Liabilities

Business / Accounting / Long Term Liabilities: These usually refer to long term loans (ie. a loan which lasts for more than one year such as a mortgage). MORE

Renewable Term

Business / Taxes / Renewable Term: A renewable term life insurance policy allows you to extend your coverage for an additional period without having to requalify for coverage, provided that you have paid your premiums in full and on ti MORE

Renewable Term Life Insurance

Business / Finance / Renewable Term Life Insurance: A policy for a stated period that may be renewed if desired at the end of the term. MORE