Up Front Costs

Business / Loan / Up Front Costs: These are costs or fees which are charged to the borrower at or before closing of the mortgage loan, such as loan application fees, appraisal fees, points, broker fees, credit report fees, real estate taxes, etc. Up front costs can be paid in several ways: (1) they can be paid by the borrower in cash; or (2) they can be added to the loan amount and financed over the life of the mortgage.

Other Words for Front

Front Adjective Synonyms: frontage, forefront
Front Noun Synonyms: beginning, head, fore, vanguard, forefront, van
Front Verb Synonyms: face, facade, facing, fore-part, anterior, obverse

Single Occupancy

Life Style / Travel / Single Occupancy: The occupancy by one person of a cabin that is designed to accommodate two or more passengers. A premium (single supplement - see below) is ordinarily charged. MORE

Single Supplement

Life Style / Travel / Single Supplement: An additional charge when purchasing a cruise or tour whose pricing is based on double-occupancy. This supplement can be as much as twice the ppdo rate. MORE

Single-Family, Owner-Occupied Dwellings

Business / Real Estate / Single-Family, Owner-Occupied Dwellings: A dwelling which will be owned and occupied by a signatory to the mortgage or deed of trust secured by such dwelling within 90 days of the execution of the mortgage or deed of trust. MORE