Write Off

Business / Loan / Write Off: When an investment, such as a loan, becomes seriously delinquent or in default and is determined to be uncollectible, the lender may choose to charge the outstanding investment amount as an expense or a loss.

Other Words for Off

Off Adjective Synonyms: remote, distant, improbable, unlikely
Off Adverb Synonyms: incorrect, wrong, inaccurate, in error, mistaken, misguided, misled, off the mark
Off Noun Synonyms: away, out, elsewhere

Other Words for Write

Write Noun Synonyms: pen, scribble, get off, dash off, indite, inscribe, make out

Option Writer

Business / Agriculture / Option Writer: A person who sells an option contract, receives the premium, and bears the obligation to buy or sell the asset at the strike price. MORE

Option Offense

Entertainment / Football / Option Offense: An offense heavily relying upon the option run and variations thereof. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / One-Off: Those who happen to watch TV shows such as American Chopper get to observe the building of a custom motorcycle from the ground up. Often these bikes are one of a kind and are sometimes referred to as MORE

Organic Coffee

Life Style / Coffee / Organic Coffee: Coffee that has been certified by a third-party agency as having been grown and processed without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or similar chemicals. MORE


Technology / Computers / Overwrite: To write data on top of existing data, erasing the existing data. MORE

Paired Off

Business / Finance / Paired Off: Used for listed equity securities. Matched buy and sell market orders, usually pertaining to the pre-opening market picture in a stock, or MOC orders (especially relating to futures/options expiration MORE