Business / Machine Shop / Acetone: A colorless, flammable, volatile liquid used as a paint remover and as a solvent for oils and other organic compounds.

Volatile Acidity

Life Style / Wine / Volatile Acidity: Wine has acidity, which is derived from the presence of a number of different acids including acetic, malic, tartaric, lactic, citric, carbonic and so on. Excessive levels of acetic acid produce an ar MORE


Health / Vitamins / Dah: Cosmetic product destined to artificially tan skin diminishing, thus, risks of sunburn and others, it appears as a 3-carbon sugar, causing a chemical reaction when in contact to skin and leading to a MORE


Science / Chemistry / Solvent: The most abundant component in a solution. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Carbonyl: A divalent group consisting of a carbon atom with a double-bond to oxygen. For example, acetone (CH3-(C=O)-CH3) is a carbonyl group linking two methyl groups. Also refers to a compound of a metal with MORE

Flash Point

Science / Chemistry / Flash Point: The temperature when vapor pressure of a substance becomes high enough to allow the air/vapor layer over the substance to be ignited. Ether and acetone have flash points below room temperature, which MORE