Acme Thread

Business / Machine Shop / Acme Thread: A screw thread having a 29 degree included angle. Used largely for feed and adjusting screws on machine tools.

Other Words for Acme

Acme Noun Synonyms: peak, apex, top, summit, pinnacle, zenith, climax, culmination

Other Words for Thread

Thread Noun Synonyms: theme, plot, story-line, subject, motif, thesis, course, drift, direction, tenor, train (of thought), sequence or train or chain of events
Thread Adjective Synonyms: fibre, filament, strand, (piece of) yarn, string, line, cord, twine

Thread Depth

Business / Machine Shop / Thread Depth: The distance between the crest and the root of a thread. MORE

Thread Crest

Business / Machine Shop / Thread Crest: The top surface joining the two sides of a thread. MORE

Thread Micrometer

Business / Machine Shop / Thread Micrometer: A micrometer in which the spindle is ground to a point having a conical angle of 60 degrees. The anvil, instead of being flat has a 60-degree V-Shaped groove, which fits the thread. MORE

Thread Pitch

Business / Machine Shop / Thread Pitch: The distance from a point on one screw thread to a corresponding point on the next thread. MORE

Thread Root

Business / Machine Shop / Thread Root: The bottom surface joining the sides of two adjacent threads. MORE

Thread Pitch Diameter

Business / Machine Shop / Thread Pitch Diameter: The diameter of a screw thread measured from the thread pitch line on one side to the thread pitch line on the opposite side. MORE