Acute Angle

Business / Machine Shop / Acute Angle: An angle that is less than 90 degrees.

Other Words for Acute

Acute Adjective Synonyms: sharp, pointed, narrow

Other Words for Angle

Angle Verb Synonyms: fish for, look for, seek, be after, try for, hunt for
Angle Noun Synonyms: slant, oblique, corner, edge, intersection, bend, cusp, point, apex, projection

Angle Of Attack

Technology / Aviation / Angle Of Attack: The acute angle at which a moving airfoil meets the airstream. MORE

High Angle

Technology / Television (TV) / High Angle: A shot in which the camera is placed higher than the filmed actor or object, so that the camera looks down on the actor or object. MORE

Interfacial Angle

Science / Geology / Interfacial Angle: The angle between two crystal faces of a crystal, characteristic of a mineral's symmetry. MORE

Launch Angle

Entertainment / Golf / Launch Angle: The initial trajectory of the ball relative to the ground MORE

Helix Angle

Business / Machine Shop / Helix Angle: The angle between the direction of the threads around a screw and a line running at a right angle to the shank. MORE


Technology / Rockets / Half-Angle: The divergence of the exhaust cone referring to the angle one side makes with the centerline. Conventionally 15 to 18 degrees but may be larger or smaller. MORE