Alloy Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Alloy Steel: A plain carbon steel to which another element, other than iron and carbon, has been added in a percentage large enough to alter its characteristics.

Other Words for Alloy

Alloy Noun Synonyms: mixture, mix, combination, compound, composite, blend, amalgam, admixture, aggregate
Alloy Verb Synonyms: contaminate, pollute, adulterate, debase, diminish, impair, vitiate

Other Words for Steel

Steel Adjective Synonyms: sword, dagger, blade, knife, dirk, stiletto

High-Speed Steel (HSS)

Business / Machine Shop / High-Speed Steel (HSS): An alloy steel commonly used for cutting tools because of its ability to remove metal at a much faster rate than carbon steel tools. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Steel: An alloy of iron and carbon. Steel contains anywhere between 0.2% carbon (for soft wire and sheet steel) and 1.5% carbon (for cutting tools), with small amounts of many other elements often present. MORE

Carbon Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Carbon Steel: A broad term applied to tool steel other than high-speed or alloy steel. MORE

Pressed Steel

Technology / Motorcycle / Pressed Steel: Sheet steel made into curved sections by press forming. It is often used in the construction of motorcycle frames. MORE

Permalloy Tape Head

Technology / Home Audio / Permalloy Tape Head: A cassette tape head constructed of permalloy, an alloy made primarily of nickel and iron, used for its superior high wear resistance and permeability, offering superior frequency response at a low co MORE

Stainless Steel Crown

Health / Dentistry / Stainless Steel Crown: A pre-made metal crown, shaped like a tooth, that is used to temporarily cover a seriously decayed or broken down tooth. Used most often on children's teeth. MORE