Business / Machine Shop / Anvil: A heavy iron or steel block upon which metal is forged or hammered: also the fixed jaw on a micrometer against which parts are measured.


Science / Weather / Cirrus: One of the three basic cloud forms (the others are cumulus and stratus). It is also one of the three high cloud types. Cirrus are thin, wispy clouds composed of ice crystals and often appear as veil p MORE


Science / Weather / Cumulonimbus: A vertically developed cumulus cloud, often capped by an anvil-shaped cirriform cloud. Also called a thunderstorm cloud, it is frequently accompanied by heavy showers, lightning, thunder, and sometime MORE

Towering Cumulus

Science / Weather / Towering Cumulus: Another name for cumulus congestus, it is a rapidly growing cumulus or an individual dome-shaped clouds whose height exceeds its width. Its distinctive cauliflower top often mean showers below, but la MORE

Thread Micrometer

Business / Machine Shop / Thread Micrometer: A micrometer in which the spindle is ground to a point having a conical angle of 60 degrees. The anvil, instead of being flat has a 60-degree V-Shaped groove, which fits the thread. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Kenning: A form of compounding in Old English, Old Norse, and Germanic poetry. In this poetic device, the poet creates a new compound word or phrase to describe an object or activity. Specifically, this compou MORE