Business / Machine Shop / Assembly: A unit of fitted parts that make up a mechanism or machine, such as the headstock assemble of a lathe.

Other Words for Assembly

Assembly Noun Synonyms: gathering, group, meeting, assemblage, body, circle, company, congregation, flock, crowd, throng, multitude, host, horde

Motorcycle Assembly

Technology / Motorcycle / Motorcycle Assembly: The putting together of manufactured parts to make a completed motorcycle, or the set of parts so assembled. MORE

Assembly Printing

Entertainment / Photography / Assembly Printing: Method of printing using image separations. Yellow, magenta, and cyan films are stacked to make a final, full color print. MORE

Sequence Assembly

Science / Genetics / Sequence Assembly: A process whereby the order of multiple sequenced dna fragments is determined. MORE


Technology / Radar / Scanner: A unit of a radar set consisting of the antenna and drive assembly for rotating the antenna. MORE

Trichrome Carbro Process

Entertainment / Photography / Trichrome Carbro Process: Method of making assembly color prints from separation negatives, using an adaption of the carbro process. MORE

Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PMR)

Technology / Motors / Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PMR): (HYSTERESIS SYNCHRONOUS) A motor with magnets embedded into the rotor assembly, which enable the rotor to align itself with the rotating magnetic field of the stator. These motors have zero slip (cons MORE