Business / Machine Shop / Axis: The line, real or imaginary, passing through the center of an object about which it could rotate: a point of reference.

On Axis

Technology / Home Audio / On Axis: A listening experience which takes place with the ear precisely lined up with the central pressure axis of the emitter. Headphones are a normative example of this effect. Sitting directly in front of MORE

X And Y Axis

Technology / Home Audio / X And Y Axis: In a graph or chart showing the realtionship of one acoustical phenomenon or measurement relative to another, it is common to plot the ralionship on a chart with intersecting vertical and horizontal a MORE

Axis Tilt

Entertainment / Bowling / Axis Tilt: Ranging from 0 to 90 degrees, this is determined by the direction your axis is facing when you release the ball. 0 is parallel to the gutters, 90 is parallel to the foul line. The less axis tilt you h MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Hypotaxis: Using clauses with a precise degree of subordination and clear indication of the logical relationship between them--i.e., having clear subordinating and coordinating conjunctions, as opposed to parata MORE

Axis Of Rotation

Entertainment / Bowling / Axis Of Rotation: The distance between the translational energy and the rotational energy. In English, the amount of axis tilt that a bowler has. MORE

Preferred Spin Axis (Psa)

Entertainment / Bowling / Preferred Spin Axis (Psa): It is the final axis a ball achieves while rolling down the lane. It is heavily influenced by the amount of friction and bowler generated revolutions. MORE