Business / Machine Shop / Bastard: Threads, parts, tools and sizes that are not standard, such as bastard nuts, bastard plugs, bastard fittings, and so forth. The term also refers to a standard coarse-cut file.

Trousseau (Noir)

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Trousseau (Noir): Has the synonym name Tressot where grown in the Chablis (Burgundy) region of France. Recently (2001) reported, after DNA analysis, to be possibly derived from a Duras x Petit Verdot cross. This red-wi MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Pastoral: An artistic composition dealing with the life of shepherds or with a simple, rural existence. It usually idealized shepherds' lives in order to create an image of peaceful and uncorrupted existence. M MORE

Battle Of Hastings

Entertainment / Literature / Battle Of Hastings: This battle in 1066 CE marks the rough boundary between the end of the Anglo-Saxon (Old English) period from about 450-1066 CE and the beginning of the Middle English period from about 1066-1450. No o MORE