Business / Machine Shop / Bearing: Rollers and balls placed between moving parts to reduce friction and wear.

Other Words for Bearing

Bearing Noun Synonyms: carriage, deportment, manner, behavior, conduct, aspect, demeanor, posture, stance, air, attitude, mien, presence

Bearing Life

Technology / Motors / Bearing Life: Rating life, L10 (Bl0), is the life in hours or revolutions in which 90% of the bearings selected will obtain or exceed. Median life (average life), L50(B50) MORE

Open Bearing

Technology / Motors / Open Bearing: A ball bearing that does not have a shield, seal or guard on either of the two sides of the bearing casing. MORE

Bearing Rtd

Technology / Motors / Bearing Rtd: A probe used to measure bearing temperature to detect an overheating condition. The RTD's resistance varies with the temperature of the bearings. MORE

Bearing Cursor

Technology / Radar / Bearing Cursor: The radial line inscribed on a transparent disk which can be rotated manually about an axis coincident with the center of the ppi. It is used for bearing determination. Other lines inscribed parallel MORE

Roller Bearing

Technology / Motors / Roller Bearing: A special bearing system with cylindrical rollers capable of handling belted applications, too large for standard ball bearings. MORE

Thrust Bearings

Technology / Motors / Thrust Bearings: Special bearings used to handle higher than normal axial forces exerted on the shaft of the motor as is the case with some fan or pump blade mountings. MORE