Business / Machine Shop / Bed: One of the principal parts of a machine tool, having accurately machined ways or bearing surfaces for supporting and aligning other parts of the machine.

Topset Bed

Science / Geology / Topset Bed: A horizontal sedimentary bed formed at the top of a delta and overlying the foreset beds. MORE


Science / Weather / Albedo: The ratio of the amount of radiation reflected from an object's surface compared to the amount that strikes it. This varies according to the texture, color, and expanse of the object's surface and is MORE


Technology / Computers / Embed: When adding an element from one document to another document. Example: A sound file is created in one document, then it is embedded in an HTML document for publication to the Web. MORE


Business / Taxes / Oversubscribed: An initial public offering (IPO) is oversubscribed when investor demand for the shares is greater than the number of shares being issued. What typically happens is that the share price climbs, sometim MORE


Business / Finance / Absorbed: Used in context of general equities. Securities are 'absorbed' as long as there are corresponding orders to buy and sell. The market has reached the absorption point when further assimilation is impos MORE

Forset Bed

Science / Geology / Forset Bed: One of the inclined beds found in crossbedding: also an inclined bed deposited on the outer front of a delta. MORE