Bench Grinder

Business / Machine Shop / Bench Grinder: A small grinding machine for shaping and sharpening the cutting edges of tools.

External Benchmarking

Business / Human Resources (HR) / External Benchmarking: The process of comparing an organization’s current policies and practices to that of a competitor organization(s) to determine current and future trends in areas of employment and business practice MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Grinder: A type of player known for his checking ability and work ethic; often associated with a player who is strong defensively, but who doesn't score many points. MORE

Customized Benchmarks

Business / Finance / Customized Benchmarks: The total amount of credit given by NYSE member firms to finance customers purchasing securities. MORE

Burr Grinder

Life Style / Coffee / Burr Grinder: Coffee grinder with two shredding discs or burrs that can be adjusted for maximum effectiveness. MORE

Blade Grinder

Life Style / Coffee / Blade Grinder: Small coffee grinder using a propeller-like blade to grind coffee. MORE

Optical Bench

Entertainment / Photography / Optical Bench: Is a device for measuring the optical performance of lenses. MORE