Business / Machine Shop / Bevel: Any surface that is not at right angles to another surface. Also, the name given a tool used for measuring, laying out, or checking the accuracy of work machined at an angle or bevel.

Bevel Drive Shaft

Technology / Motorcycle / Bevel Drive Shaft: A shaft with a bevel gear at one end or both ends. It is used primarily for driving an overhead camshaft. MORE

Bevel Gears

Technology / Motorcycle / Bevel Gears: A pair of gears with faces cut at an angle of 45°, allowing drive to be turned through 90°. MORE


Technology / Computers / Sector: A section of one track defined with identification markings and an identification number. Most sectors hold 512 bytes of data. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Echoppe: A needle that has had its point bevelled to an oval facet that can be used in etching and engraving. It will make lines of varying thicknesses, and with engraving can be used to re-work and expand cer MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Chamfer: The bevel or angular surface cut on the edge or a corner of a machined part. MORE

Dead Bolt

Business / Construction / Dead Bolt: An exterior security lock installed on exterior entry doors that can be activated only with a key or thumb-turn. Unlike a latch, which has a beveled tongue, dead bolts have square ends. MORE