Business / Machine Shop / Boss: A projection or an enlarged section of a casting through which a hole may be machined.

Other Words for Boss

Boss Verb Synonyms: supervise, head, manage, run, oversee, overlook, direct, control, superintend, command, take charge, be in charge
Boss Noun Synonyms: chief, supervisor, head, administrator, manager, foreman, superintendent, overseer, employer, director, proprietor, owner, managing director , president, himself, supremo, governor, gov., gaffer, super, leader, kingpin

Boss Monster

Entertainment / Video Games / Boss Monster: Larger-than-life enemy character met at ends of stages, and especially the end of the last stage, of an action game. MORE

Bossa Nova

Entertainment / Music / Bossa Nova: Brazilian dance related to the samba, popular in the 1950s and 1960s. MORE

Coquille Board

Life Style / Painting / Coquille Board: An illustration board intended for the commercial artist. The working face has a shallow dotted, stippled or textured embossing. When this is drawn upon with crayon or pencil a type of half-tone is pr MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Xography: Is a system of photography which produces prints and transparencies with a three-dimensional effect. A cylindrically embossed lenticular screen is placed in contact with the film and a shutter behind MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Automatics: Riders of motorcycles are used to shifting gears and using a clutch. However, some new riders would like to do away with shifting and clutching since they may have become used to automatic transmissio MORE

Grand Pas Daction

Entertainment / Ballet / Grand Pas Daction: Literally, big or large step. A Grand pas is a suite of individual dances that serves as a showpiece for lead dancers, demi-soloists, and possibly the corps de ballet. In the context of a full-length MORE