Business / Machine Shop / Buff: To polish to a smooth finish of high luster with a cloth or fabric wheel to which a compound has been added.

Pluck Buffet

Entertainment / Literature / Pluck Buffet: Anthropologists suggest that pre-adolescent male children in a variety of cultures share the game of 'pluck buffet.' In this game, one child trades blows on the arm or chest with another to see who is MORE


Health / Fitness / Buffed: As in a 'finely buffed finish' Good muscle size and definition, looking good. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Buffer: A solution that can maintain its ph value with little change when acids or bases are added to it. Buffer solutions are usually prepared as mixtures of a weak acid with its own salt or mixtures of salt MORE

Buffered Memory

Technology / Computers / Buffered Memory: Using a buffer to isolate the memory from the controller reduces the load on the chipset. This allows for more memory chips to be used. MORE

Buffer Strips

Business / Agriculture / Buffer Strips: Slender areas of permanent vegetation, often planted along the edge or the contour of a field, usually to slow the flow of water or the velocity of wind, in order to capture sediment and other materia MORE

Opera Buffa

Entertainment / Music / Opera Buffa: Italian comic opera, sung throughout. MORE