Business / Machine Shop / Carbon: A nonmetallic chemical element that occurs in many inorganic and all organic compounds. Carbon is found in diamond and graphite and is a constituent of coal, petroleum, asphalt, limestone and other carbonates. In combination, it occurs as carbon dioxide and as a constituent of all living things. Adjustment of the amount of carbon in iron produces steel.


Health / Dentistry / Carbons: Vitreous (polycrystalline or glassy) or pyrolytic graphitic structures of relatively hard, inert, and stable compounds that are conductors of thermal and electrical energy. Characterized by ionic and MORE

Carbonate Hardness

Science / Chemistry / Carbonate Hardness: Water hardness due to the presence of calcium and magnesium carbonates and bicarbonates. The 'noncarbonate hardness' is due mostly to calcium and magnesium sulfates, chlorides, and nitrates. MORE

Carbonate Rock

Science / Geology / Carbonate Rock: A rock made up primarily of carbonate minerals (minerals containing the CO3 anionic structure). Limestone (made up primarily of calicite - CaCO3) and dolostone (made up primarily of dolomite - CaMg (C MORE