Case Hardening

Business / Machine Shop / Case Hardening: A heat treating process, basically carbonizing that makes the surface layer or case of steel substantially harder than the interior or core.

Other Words for Case

Case Noun Synonyms: instance, example, event, occurrence, happening, occasion, circumstance, state, situation
Case Verb Synonyms: encase, box, crate, pack, package, containerize


Business / Machine Shop / Hardening: A heat-treating process for steel which increases its hardness and tensile strength and reduces its ductility. MORE

Index Case

Health / Disease / Index Case: The index case is the first disease case in an epidemic. Sometimes called "patient zero’. MORE

Ever-Ready Case

Entertainment / Photography / Ever-Ready Case: Camera case that can be opened, allowing the camera to be used without removing it. A front flap hinges down to uncover the lens, viewfinder and camera controls. MORE

Caseworker Competency

Life Style / Adoption / Caseworker Competency: Demonstrated professional behaviors based on the knowledge, skills, personal qualities and values a person holds. MORE

Casement Window

Business / Construction / Casement Window: A window with hinges on one of the vertical sides and swings open like a normal door MORE

Oil Hardening

Business / Machine Shop / Oil Hardening: The process of quenching in oil when heat treating alloy steel to bring out certain qualities. MORE