Castle Nut

Business / Machine Shop / Castle Nut: A nut with grooves cut entirely across the top face for the purpose of resisting loosening with vibration.

Other Words for Castle

Castle Noun Synonyms: fortress, stronghold, citadel


Life Style / Coffee / Nutty: An aromatic sensation created by a moderately volatile set of aldehydes and ketones that produce sensations reminiscent of roasted nuts. Characteristic of poor quality beans, that float, remain lighte MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Nutted: (also 'flushed') hitting it squarely and on the sweetspot MORE

On The Nut

Entertainment / Golf / On The Nut: (also 'nutting it, nutted it') hitting it squarely and on the sweetspot (see also 'on the screws' below) MORE

Organic Nutrients

Science / Marine Biology / Organic Nutrients: Nutrients in the form of molecules synthesized by or originating from other organisms MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Pampanuto: Variety grown in the Puglia region of Italy. No other details as yet. MORE

Nutrition Program For The Elderly (NPE)

Business / Agriculture / Nutrition Program For The Elderly (NPE): This program, authorized under Title III of the Older Americans Act, provides (1) basic grants to operate nutrition programs for the elderly, such as 'meals-on-wheels' and congregate dining programs, MORE