Center Drill

Business / Machine Shop / Center Drill: A combination drill and countersink.

Other Words for Drill

Drill Noun Synonyms: bore, penetrate, pierce, cut a hole
Drill Verb Synonyms: rehearse, train, practise, exercise, teach, instruct, school, tutor, coach, indoctrinate, discipline

Field Service Center

Business / Agriculture / Field Service Center: A centralized location for a variety of USDA agency field offices. These have been reduced in number from about 3,700 to about 2,600 through closures and consolidations initiated as part of a USDA reo MORE

Half Center

Business / Machine Shop / Half Center: A dead center that has a portion of the 60 degree cone cut away. MORE

Face-Centered Cubic (FCC)

Business / Machine Shop / Face-Centered Cubic (FCC): One of the common types of unit cells in which atoms are located on each corner and the center of each face of a cube. Among the common FCC metals are aluminum, copper, nickel and austenitic stainless MORE

Exploratory Drilling

Science / Geology / Exploratory Drilling: Drilling done to locate mineral deposits in an area where little subsurface data about those minerals is available. Exploratory wells may not have the ability to produce the minerals if they are disco MORE


Science / Geology / Epicenter: The point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus or hypocenter of an Earthquake. MORE

Hub-Center Steering

Technology / Motorcycle / Hub-Center Steering: One of several different types of front-end suspension/steering mechanisms used in motorcycles. Hub-center steering is characterized by a swingarm that extends from the bottom of the engine/frame to t MORE