Center Head

Business / Machine Shop / Center Head: A part of a combination square set that is used to find the center of or to bisect a round or square workpiece.

Other Words for Head

Head Noun Synonyms: front, vanguard, forefront, van, fore-part
Head Adjective Synonyms: skull, pate, cranium, dome, coco(nut), belfry, noggin, bean, nut, rocker, noodle, gourd, conk, crumpet, noddle, loaf


Technology / Home Audio / Headroom: A term related to the dynamic range of amplifiers, used to express in db, the level between the typical operating level and the maximum output level (onset of clipping). For example, a nominal +5 dbu MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Heads: That part of the first portion of the lane that is usually hard maple (wood lanes) to absorb the impact of the thrown balls. Seedovetails, splice and pines also; generally the first 20 feet of the woo MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Headset: A combination of headphones and microphone, used to facilitate in-game voice chat. Similar to (or in some cases the same as) a headset used with a mobile phone. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Headshot: The act of shooting an enemy or opponent in the head. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Headpin: The number 1 pin. MORE


Health / Pilates / Headlights: CadillacImaginary headlights that shine out from the front of your pelvic bones. Visualizing these headlights will help you to tuck and arch your pelvis until you achieve a neutral pelvis position wit MORE