Chip Breaker

Business / Machine Shop / Chip Breaker: A small groove ground back of the cutting edge on the top of a cutting tool to keep the chips short.

Other Words for Chip

Chip Noun Synonyms: fragment, piece, shard or sherd, splinter, flake, sliver, scrap, morsel, bit
Chip Verb Synonyms: chisel, whittle, hew

Circuit Breaker

Business / Construction / Circuit Breaker: A device which looks like a switch and is usually located inside the electrical breaker panel or circuit breaker box. It is designed to (1) shut of the power to portions or all of the house and (2) to MORE


Technology / Computers / Chipset: A chip or set of chips that integrates into the clock generator, bus controller, system timer, interrupt controller, DMA controller, CMOS RAM/clock, and keyboard controller on a motherboard. Often kno MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Chippy: Players are getting irritated with one another. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Chipping: The process of cutting metal with a cold chisel and hammer. MORE

Circuit Breakers

Business / Finance / Circuit Breakers: Underwriters, actual or potential, often seek out and 'circle' investor interest in a new issue before final pricing. The customer circled has basically made a commitment to purchase the issue if it i MORE

Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS)

Business / Finance / Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS): Funds from the Federal Reserve System, requiring three days to clear, that are passed to and from banks. MORE