Business / Machine Shop / Chuck: A device on a machine tool to hold the workpiece or a cutting tool.

Independent Chuck

Business / Machine Shop / Independent Chuck: A chuck in which each jaw may be moved independently of the others. MORE

Chuck (Independent Jaw)

Business / Machine Shop / Chuck (Independent Jaw): A chuck, each of whose jaws (usually four) is adjusted with a screw action independently of the other jaws. MORE

Chuck (Universal)

Business / Machine Shop / Chuck (Universal): A chuck whose jaws are so arranged that they are all moved together at the same rate by a special wrench sometimes called a "key." MORE

Chuck And Duck

Entertainment / Football / Chuck And Duck: A degrading way to refer to the Run And Shoot offensive strategy. MORE

Drill Chuck

Business / Machine Shop / Drill Chuck: A device used to grip drills and attach them to a rotating spindle. MORE

Magnetic Chuck

Business / Machine Shop / Magnetic Chuck: A flat smooth-surfaced work holding device which operates by magnetism to hold ferrous metal workpieces for grinding. MORE