Business / Machine Shop / Clearance: The distance or angle by which one objector surface clears another.

Other Words for Clearance

Clearance Noun Synonyms: space, gap, hole, interval, separation, room, margin, leeway, allowance

Joint Clearance

Business / Machine Shop / Joint Clearance: The distance between the faying surfaces of a joint in brazing or soldering. MORE

Clearance Angle

Business / Machine Shop / Clearance Angle: The angle between the rear surface of a cutting tool and the surface of the work at the point of contact. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Set: (1) The act of a ball holding pocket. (2) The series of games that makes your block or league session; most leagues are three game sets. MORE

Dirt Bike

Technology / Motorcycle / Dirt Bike: Some motorcycles are designed to be ridden on rough terrain. They are known as Dirt Bikes or trail bikes. Dirt bikes will typically have suspension with more travel than a street bike, higher ground c MORE

Termite Inspection

Business / Real Estate / Termite Inspection: A visable check of a property for the presence of termites. Usually performed by a licensed exterminator. Buyers often make a termite inspection a condition of a sales contract, and require a pest con MORE


Science / Geology / Relief: Variations in the height and slope of Earth's surface. Also used in reference to the vertical difference between the highest and lowest elevations of an area. MORE