Clearance Angle

Business / Machine Shop / Clearance Angle: The angle between the rear surface of a cutting tool and the surface of the work at the point of contact.

Other Words for Angle

Angle Noun Synonyms: slant, oblique, corner, edge, intersection, bend, cusp, point, apex, projection
Angle Verb Synonyms: fish for, look for, seek, be after, try for, hunt for

Other Words for Clearance

Clearance Noun Synonyms: space, gap, hole, interval, separation, room, margin, leeway, allowance

Joint Clearance

Business / Machine Shop / Joint Clearance: The distance between the faying surfaces of a joint in brazing or soldering. MORE

Launch Angle

Entertainment / Golf / Launch Angle: The initial trajectory of the ball relative to the ground MORE

Lie Angle

Entertainment / Golf / Lie Angle: The angle between the sole of the club and the shaft from the face view (looking at the face of the club straight on) MORE

Low Angle

Technology / Television (TV) / Low Angle: A shot in which the camera is lower than the filmed object: thus the camera looks up at the actor/object. MORE

Interfacial Angle

Science / Geology / Interfacial Angle: The angle between two crystal faces of a crystal, characteristic of a mineral's symmetry. MORE

High Angle

Technology / Television (TV) / High Angle: A shot in which the camera is placed higher than the filmed actor or object, so that the camera looks down on the actor or object. MORE