Business / Machine Shop / Cohesion: Cohesion is the result of a perfect fusion and penetration when the molecules of the parent material and the added filler materials thoroughly integrate as in a weld.

Cohesion-Adhesion Theory

Science / Biology / Cohesion-Adhesion Theory: Describes the properties of water that help move it through a plant. Cohesion is the ability of water molecules to stick together (held by hydrogen bonds), forming a column of water extending from the MORE


Business / Construction / Bridging: Small wood or metal members that are inserted in a diagonal position between the floor joists or rafters at mid-span for the purpose of bracing the joists/rafters & spreading the load. MORE


Science / Biology / Adhesion: The ability of molecules of one substance to adhere to a different substance. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Stiction: Short for "Static Friction." More generally, this refers to the friction which tends to prevent stationary surfaces from being set in motion. Two solid objects pressing against each other (but not sli MORE