Combination Square

Business / Machine Shop / Combination Square: A drafting and layout tool combining a square, a level, a protractor and a center head.

Other Words for Combination

Combination Verb Synonyms: union, conjunction, mixture, mix, grouping, set, array
Combination Noun Synonyms: association, alliance, coalition, union, federation, confederation, combine, syndication, syndicate, consortium, trust, bloc, cartel, party, society, organization, league, cabal, conspiracy, clique, claque

Other Words for Square

Square Verb Synonyms: equal, on a par, even, on equal terms, settled, balanced
Square Adjective Synonyms: healthful, healthy, nutritious, substantial, solid, full, generous, satisfying, filling, unstinting
Square Noun Synonyms: equilateral, quadrangular, rectangular, right-angled, quadrilateral, four-sided, cubic, cubed, six-sided, boxy

Sesquiquadrate, Sesqui-Square

Science / Astrology / Sesquiquadrate, Sesqui-Square: A multiple of the semi-square, and eighth harmonic aspect. A minor hard aspect, separating distance 135°, its influence is frictional. MORE

Solid Square

Business / Machine Shop / Solid Square: A very accurate try square in which a steel blade is set firmly into a solid, rectangular-shaped handle so that each edge of the blade makes an angle of exactly 90?? with the inner face (side) of the MORE


Science / Astrology / Semi-Square: The eighth harmonic, 45°; an important minor hard aspect in which planetary energies do not merge harmoniously but produce friction. MORE

Root Mean Squared (RMS)

Technology / Home Audio / Root Mean Squared (RMS): A term used to indicate the average level of power that a receiver or amplifier can sustain over a given period of time. Average power ratings (ex: 100 watts RMS) provide a more realistic assessment o MORE


Business / Taxes / R-Squared: R-squared is a statistical measurement that determines the proportion of a security’s return, or the return on a specific portfolio of securities, that can be explained by variations in the stock ma MORE


Science / Biology / Recombination: A way in which meiosis produces new combinations of genetic information. During synapsis, chromatids may exchange parts with other chromatids, leading to a physical exchange of chromosome parts; thus, MORE