Business / Machine Shop / Concentric: Accurately centered or having a common center.

Concentric Muscle Action

Health / Fitness / Concentric Muscle Action: When a muscle shortens while contracting against resistance. MORE

Concentric Contraction

Health / Fitness / Concentric Contraction: An isotonic muscle contraction, where a muscle contracts or shortens. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Core: The material in the center portion of the ball. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Spider: The rear suspension element on the cone of a loudspeaker. All the moving parts of the speaker are suspended by the spider in the rear and the Surround in the front. The spider is so named because of i MORE

Range Markers

Technology / Radar / Range Markers: Equally spaced concentric rings of light on the ppi which permit the radar observer to determine the range to a contact in accordance with the range setting or the range of the outer rings. See variab MORE

Celestial Sphere

Science / Astrology / Celestial Sphere: The conceptualization of the infinite heavens as a sphere revolving around Earth, based upon the part of the skies visible from a point on Earth. MORE