Cutting Tool

Business / Machine Shop / Cutting Tool: A hardened piece of metal (tool steel) that is machined and ground so that it has the shape and cutting edges appropriate for the operation for which it is to be used.

Other Words for Cutting

Cutting Adjective Synonyms: severe, biting, chill, cold, icy, frigid, freezing, raw, piercing, penetrating

Other Words for Tool

Tool Noun Synonyms: utensil, implement, instrument, device, apparatus, appliance, contrivance, aid, machine, mechanism, gadget, contraption, gimmick, gismo or gizmo
Tool Adjective Synonyms: means, way, agency, weapon, medium, vehicle, instrumentality, avenue, road

Boring Tool

Business / Machine Shop / Boring Tool: A cutting tool in which the tool bit the boring bar and, in some cases, the tool holder are incorporated in one solid piece. MORE

Carbide Tool Bits

Business / Machine Shop / Carbide Tool Bits: Lathe cutting tools to which carbide tip inserts have been brazed, to provide cutting action on harder materials than the high speed cutters are capable of. MORE

Tool Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Tool Steel: A general classification for high-carbon steel that can be heat treated to a hardness required for metal cutting tools such as punches, dies, drills, taps, reamers and so forth. MORE

Divot Tool

Entertainment / Golf / Divot Tool: (also 'divot repair tool, ballmark repair tool, pitchfork') a small (usually) two-pronged fork-like tool used mainly for repairing the putting surface MORE

Forming Tool

Business / Machine Shop / Forming Tool: Tool ground to a desired shape to reproduce this shape on the workpiece. MORE

Free Cutting Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Free Cutting Steel: Bar stock containing a high percentage of sulfur making it very easy to machine. MORE