Depth Micrometer

Business / Machine Shop / Depth Micrometer: A micrometer in which the spindle projects through a flat, accurately machined bar used to measure the depth of holes or recesses.

Other Words for Depth

Depth Noun Synonyms: profundity, profoundness, abstruseness, obscurity, reconditeness, complexity, intricacy
Depth Adjective Synonyms: deepness, extent, measure, profundity, profoundness

Illusion Of Depth

Technology / Television (TV) / Illusion Of Depth: The ability of the two-dimensional television image to create an illusion whereby space seems to recede into the image. A telephoto lens creates a small illusion of depth and a wide-angle lens creates MORE

Depth Of Focus

Entertainment / Photography / Depth Of Focus: Distance which the film plane can be moved while maintaining an acceptably sharp image without refocusing the lens. MORE

Depth Of Field Scale

Entertainment / Photography / Depth Of Field Scale: Scale on a lens barrel showing the near and far limits of depth of field possible when the lens is set at any particular focus and aperture. MORE

Mixing Depth

Science / Marine Biology / Mixing Depth: The water depth to which wind energy evenly mixes the water column MORE

Mounting Depth

Technology / Home Audio / Mounting Depth: The amount of physical space required to mount a Driver without having any of its parts touch objects below. This is particularly relevant to car speakers where such mounting spaces may be sharply lim MORE

Thread Micrometer

Business / Machine Shop / Thread Micrometer: A micrometer in which the spindle is ground to a point having a conical angle of 60 degrees. The anvil, instead of being flat has a 60-degree V-Shaped groove, which fits the thread. MORE