Dividing Head

Business / Machine Shop / Dividing Head: A machine tool holding fixture which positions the work for accurately spacing holes slots flutes and gear teeth and for making geometric shapes. When geared to the table leadscrew, it can be used for helical milling operations.

Other Words for Head

Head Noun Synonyms: front, vanguard, forefront, van, fore-part
Head Adjective Synonyms: skull, pate, cranium, dome, coco(nut), belfry, noggin, bean, nut, rocker, noodle, gourd, conk, crumpet, noddle, loaf


Business / Machine Shop / Headstock: The fixed or stationary end of a lathe or similar machine tool. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Headshot: The act of shooting an enemy or opponent in the head. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Headset: A combination of headphones and microphone, used to facilitate in-game voice chat. Similar to (or in some cases the same as) a headset used with a mobile phone. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Heads: That part of the first portion of the lane that is usually hard maple (wood lanes) to absorb the impact of the thrown balls. Seedovetails, splice and pines also; generally the first 20 feet of the woo MORE


Science / Geology / Headwater(S): The upper portions of a drainage basin where the tributaries of a stream first begin flow. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Headwaters: The source, or upper part, of a stream. Often used in discussing water rights related to wilderness or other federal land designations. MORE