Business / Machine Shop / Dog: A clamping device (lathe dog) used to drive work being machined between centers. Also, a part projecting on the side of a machine worktable to trip the automatic feed mechanism off or to reverse the travel.

Endogenous Retrovirus

Health / Disease / Endogenous Retrovirus: Integrated retroviruses derived from infection of the germline (egg or sperm) of an ancestral organism. All vertebrates are thought to carry numerous endogenous retroviruses. MORE


Health / Disease / Peptidoglycan: Peptidoglycan is a polymer consisting of sugars and amino acids that forms a mesh-like layer outside the plasma membrane of bacteria. MORE

Dogs Of The Dow

Business / Finance / Dogs Of The Dow: Commercial paper backed by normal bank lines of credit plus a letter of credit from a bank stating that it will pay off the paper at maturity if the borrower defaults. Such paper is also referred to a MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Dogleg: A hole on which the fairway has an angle, turn or bend in it like a dog's rear leg MORE

Dog Ridge

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Dog Ridge: Has synonym name Dogridge. Female V.champini variety (ie. natural hybrid reported to be result of a complex V.rupestris x V.candicans cross with possible V.berlandieri involvement) propagated for use MORE

Dog Latin

Entertainment / Literature / Dog Latin: Unidiomatic or crude pidgin Latin intermixed with local tongues. An example of dog latin appears in scene eight of Marlowe's Doctor Faustus, when Robin the servant tries to invoke spirits: Sanctobulor MORE