Business / Machine Shop / Draw: See tempering.

Other Words for Draw

Draw Noun Synonyms: pull, tug, tow, drag, haul, lug
Draw Verb Synonyms: pull or take out, extract, unsheathe, unholster

Hardship Withdrawal

Business / Taxes / Hardship Withdrawal: A hardship withdrawal, also known as a hardship distribution, occurs when you take money out of your 401(k) or other qualified retirement savings plan to cover pressing financial needs. You must quali MORE


Science / Geology / Drawdown: A lowering of the water table around a producing well. The drawdown at any given location will be the vertical change between the original water table and the level of the water table reduced by pumpi MORE


Life Style / Painting / Drawing-Frame: A rectangular frame crossed with wires or threads to form squares, which the artist sets up between himself and his sitter at such a distance that his view is the same as the drawing he intends to mak MORE


Science / Geology / Withdrawal: A removal of water from a surface or ground water source for use. MORE

Early Withdrawal

Business / Taxes / Early Withdrawal: If you withdraw assets from a fixed-term investment, such as a certificate of deposit (CD), before it matures, it is considered an early withdrawal. If you withdraw from an individual retirement accou MORE

Drawing Contact

Entertainment / Basketball / Drawing Contact: An offensive move intended to produce a foul call on the defensive player. A typical strategy is to drive into a defensive player whose feet are not stationary. When the two players make bodily contac MORE